how to enter the "how to" section?

I keep knocking but it wont let me in. It says "members only"
are the "members" those that pay the site?

nevermind, I found my answer in a sticky.


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I was wondering the same thing. Just saw the "Member Only". I think I just became a member. I paid for something, lol.


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Now I'm wondering two things.
1) If we have questions do we just make a post to you? I see you are not taking PM's.
2) WHERE ARE ALL THE PEOPLE? You have a lot of info on here but I don't see many participating in your threads. It's a shame really.


Yea, basically just post. Either I post or someone else will.
This used to be THE forum to come to. I started this back in 2000 (not with this software).
So for questions, like on most forums, I advise to do a search first.
I started my business back in 2002 and had to pay all attention to that. Although I did as much as I could for about 5 years.
Yes, you are correct, there is a TON of information on here. I left it up on the internet since there is so much information.

Thank you for your support!