How do you even out a section without clear coat with one that has?


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Hi I'm new to this Forum, I hope I'm posting this in the right place and yes, I had a hard time figuring out a good title for this and I am still not content. Anyway, this is what I want to fix:

The background is this: My VW Passat -98 had peeling clear coat on this rear panel so I decided to scrape all remaining clear coat off. I had hoped to get the whole panel clean, just pure base coat and then polish and wax it. I managed to get as far as to that line you can see on the picture but beyond that, my efforts were to no avail. That line was also visible before I scraped off the old clear coat and I always wondered what it was. I would guess that it is the remaints of an old major repair or something, but I don't know for sure.

My question is, what would you do to get that remaining (new?) clear coat off? I want the whole panel to be the same colour, just base coat. I noticed that before I scraped off the old clear, the whole panel had the same nuance which means that the contrast between those 2 areas on the panel are caused by the clear coat vs non-clear coat. I also want to get rid of that sharp border. Any ideas?



The correct way would be to sand (feather) those edges of the clear. Be sure to get as much 'dead' clear off as you can.
Then you need to blend 'new' basecoat. Blend it out at least 10" each way. The farther you go the better off you go.
Then you need to reclear the sail/roof panel and the 1/4 panel

Another way to do this would be to sand the edges.
Sand out about 2' each way
Blend your basecoat.
Then blend your basecoat. Each coat works it's way out further and further
You can over reduce the clear and blend in the very edges
Then lightly buff

Another way (I only mentioned this since you said "just the basecoat")
You will still need somesort of clear over the basecoat as raw basecoat really has no protection

Sand the edges
Blend the basecoat out
Then you will need to use some good spray can clear and just work out the area
You will need to sand about 20" each way as mentioned above before adding the basecoat