How can I make a car Matte Paint job be Shiny Glossy Clear?


New member
Hi all Im a new guy here.
I was wondering... I have a 1966 Econoline that I bought with a matte paint job.
How can I make this paint job be shiny and have that new car look. This Matte paint job was actually sprayed with a Spray gun and is in really good condition.

Will it shine if I Spray a couple “gloss 2k clear coats” on it using a spray gun?
Or will it matter that the paint underneath is matte?
Do I have to completely do a new paintjob? I just really want that wet gloss shiny.
I dont know what i would have to do to achieve this? Do I need something else to do over my current paint job before I try anything?
Any advice is welcome ! E0DBFB59-89E9-4BE4-9952-581BF6ACE18B.jpegE0DBFB59-89E9-4BE4-9952-581BF6ACE18B.jpeg