How bad is this peeling? Just clear coat or color?


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Hi all I am looking to buy this car tomorrow and need some advice. Is the peeling on the nose just clear coat or is the color jacked too? I have to drive a couple hours to see in person and don't want to waste my time. Also, if the color is messed up will I jave to get it custom made at dodge or is it easily matchable? Thank you in advance for your help :) Capture+_2020-07-24-08-18-47-1.png


Whenever the clear coats start to peel, I recommend stripping to bare and repainting. Once the clear is compromised, the color, is absorbent, and pulls in moisture/water. So it is bad, too. May even be rust under it, that you cannot see. Don't know if the color is hard to match, but I'd bet there is clear peeling, or ready to peel in other spots as well. Look for tiny cracks in the horizontal paint surfaces (hood, roof, trunk), you might need a magnifying glass.