Hi I'm Matthew


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By day I'm a entrepreneur. Former engineer turned real estate agent. Don't ask how I got there lol Was working in aerospace and next sitting open houses lol Honestly, it's a bit of an interesting story. I'm really here though because I'm a grease monkey. After I get home from work I'm always turning wrenches. Right now I'm rebuilding a Tahoe which has lead me to this forum.

For the past 6 months I've been prepping the truck for a paint job. I did all the body work. Scuffed the paint (down to 320 / 400 gritt) and am ready to spray it. I opted not to strip paint completely as is original paint job and was told should be fine respraying. The truck is completely disassembled. The body and prep work was manageable although a lot of work.

Now I'm ready to spray. However, my every attempt ends in absolute disaster. I see it takes a real talent to spray a car, which I've no experience with (other than rattle cans). I came here to hopefully get some of my questions answered. I've managed to watch about 100 hours of Youtube searching on how to do this lol Hopefully this is more efficient.


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Welcome Matthew
It does take practice! I'm sure you'll find a lot of useful info here on the forum!