Hi from a total beginner


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Evening all,

Totally new at this spraying lark, based in the UK but have been doing a fair bit of reading re. auto paint spraying. Never used a spray gun before but have a compressor which I use for various air tools. Decided to tidy up my Triumph Speed Triple and took the plunge in buying some kit to have a go myself. Figured I have the next few months to practise and get it right and the money spent on equipment won't be any more than paying someone else to do it.

As my compressor is nothing special been 3hp with a 50L tank I decided to go for some Fast Mover FMT3006 LVLP guns which seem decent for their cost. I got a cheap mini gun for possibly doing the frame but got 3 of the full size guns in 1.8, 1.4 and 1.3.

The 1.8 will be for primer, 1.4 for basecoat & the 1.3 for clear. I have a number of questions but will post them up in the appropriate sections.



Welcome! Lots of talent here, we need some new blood, though! Triumphs can be pretty cool bikes, my buddy has 2 of them, built into choppers.


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Thanks, not such a big chopper scene over here in the UK but after a lifetime of sportsbikes the Speed Triple is a welcome change and an excellent bike.DSC_0082.jpg


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Welcome aboard. I am also a novice painter, and also working on my first bike. So far it has turned out great.

You are correct, in that investment in tools and equipment are about equal to having someone else paint the bike. The real investment is your time. If you enjoy doing this sort of work then the experience will be well worth the effort.