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Hello can anyone help me with this. I'm a bit old school, still use freehand drawing and hand cut stencils on my jobs so decided to venture into the 21st century and purchased a STIKA to run off my mac pro book. I'm running illustrator CS5 on the mac.
I cant get my mac to talk to the STIKA and cant get the STIKA cut studio despite downloading the correct Roland program for the mac and illustrator CS5. I've got to be doing something wrong somewhere but cant work out what. Any one got any ideas or maybe I should just stick with the 2b pencil and scapel. Cheers


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There are plug-ins that will allow you to cut right from Illustrator. Your program just sees the plotter as another printer. You should be able to find something that works for you from Stika if nothing else. If they sold you a cutter that's supposed to work with your Mac then they should be able to deliver.


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If you are still struggling to get it communicating, and your dealer has not helped you Call Roland at 800 542-2307. They have a support team who should be able to walk you through the setup process.

Good luck!