Help with bare aluminum


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I can't find the info online.
I've stripped a side by side
Heavy aluminum chassis some steel and a little fiberglass

The chassis was stripped by hand wire wheels and blasted where the wheels would not fit

Rustoelum Self Etching Primer and Majic Self Etching Primer seem to be the most cost effective 80 bucks for 1/2 gallon I want to be sure this will stick and I can paint single stage over one of these.

I don't want to spend a huge amount but I want it to stick and last. I'm not using rattle cans I'm spraying with proper gear ..
I just do not know what works together the amount of times to wait between coats etc. Cheers joe


Aluminum used to have a special treatment, 2 parts, to use before priming. And it was recommended that you use Corlar primer on it as well. IIRC, it was a zinc rich primer. It held up very well in the real world.
No, most recommend just sanding it, cleaning it with pre paint cleaner, and using an epoxy primer on it. Probably much better.
Etching primers have a phosphoric acid in them, that aid in adhesion to steel. I'm not 100% positive it's a great advantage on aluminum, though it's advertised to be. On fiberglass, it's not an advantage at all.