Hello. with a directory idea to share


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Hello! Got into spray painting while trying to restore the hood on my Accord. Had a pretty hard time getting a good finish without a spray booth. So I decided why not set up a site for people to list local spray booths that is available for rent, so other enthusiasts can benefit. Just a basic website right now with two listings in my Los Angeles area. Love to hear any feedback! website is at rentspraytime.com



I've been renting my booth now for about 12 years.
Also, on your website, you may want to just mention that you only have 2 listings in LA until you get quite a few cities included.
At least it doesn't lead you on like insurance and banks do.


Also, I input 90001 LA zip - 100 mile radius and nothing came up
Do you include pics of the spray booth and shop?


I'd also suggest at least putting somesort of information on there. There is nothing.
something like a "for renters" for "add your spray booth" page
Your FAQ's just refresh the page.
Change your favicon. You have the "W" for Wordpress
Change the line at the bottom to the correct year. You have 2021.

Your site could have potential down the road
I know of one other guy that tried it. I don't know how it worked out for him though