Hello paint Gods


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I'm painting my motorcycle ... 02 vtx 1800 with fairing. for the last month, I've killed myself trying to find the right color combo. I love over the top but I'm thinking ahead when I want to resell so I will go with a more Classy clean look...
My bike is a kind of Orange now.
I picked My base color to be a crystal purple pearl over bright white (shown) Pearlescent White and I have picked a few pearl greys one lite one darker shown...the lighter grey is close but not the same as I picked So last... the 3rd color This is a dark pearl purple I wanted to use for accent trim etc.. The white is in stone... I want it the other 2 Im open to hearing what pros would say... the l;ast pic is a paint I liked my buddy placed on top of a bike like mine to see the outcome,, I can dig this design But it takes years to know what colors work best in concert.. Any help PLEASE.. I would be greatful....


I always tell my friends, and customers, that paint color is personal preference! Certain colors, or types of paints might look better or worse on certain vehicles, but it still comes down to what you like. Painting to sell something is a whole different story. You NEVER know what a buyer will like! If trying to do "classy", I'd probably gravitate towards 2 colors that are neutral, or shades of the same color, along with a third, brighter, contrasting color, for some "pop!" But that's just my opinion.