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Hello my isocyanate filtering friends. This is probably the first forum where I have not lurked before joining. After seeing a picture of custom chopper tank I just knew i would enjoy the community here.

I come from a family of amateur / hobby auto painters. This goes back to the late 1970's and we used products from R&M, Dupont, Nason, Sherwin Williams as well as a few more which i can't remember. I mostly used the dupont stuff since I was given many gallons of it from a dupont supplier. It was all color mix reject cans but for my purposes was fine. I still have a couple gallons of centari (including some 2A medium canyon red for my mustang) and acrylic lacquer. That was 1994 and i just shot my car trailer with it in 2015. I guess the stuff doesn't go bad.

Besides Centari I have also used imron, chroma one, Acrylid (SW) and RM products in the 90's. Havent painted much since then. The imron went on my '63 chev k10 4x4', chroma one was on an 83 rabbit gti, RM acrylic enamal on a '73 bmw r60' acrylid on a gixxer and centari for pretty much everything else including trailers, tooboxes and bicyles. Hey, the stuff was free! I just had to buy additives. Only once did I paint with a base clear system. My gun acted up and i didnt really know how to fix any problems. Yes. It looked like ****, especially on a subaru brat.

Typical setup was a 5hp 60gal compressor > wilkerson dryer > regulator > hose > mini regulator and then a siphon gun from Binks or sharpe. I still have and use my model 75 siphon gun. In the 90's, when hvlp systems were becoming common i bought a sata knockoff gravity feed gun. I have yet to use it but i don't think it is a true hvlp since it doesn't specify using an hvlp air supply. You guys may know better....pictures to come. Never really had a spray booth but painted in a clean garage with surprisingly good results for an amateur. This is something I hope to improve before i paint my 86 Gt.

Other stuff i want to paint are guitars and drums.



Welcome, from Central Jersey, as well! You shouldn't have much problem shooting the new BC/CC paints. The base shoots a lot like lacquer, and the clear IS an enamel. You'll have more trouble (not a lot) getting used to HVLP guns. They shoot a bit different from the old ones.


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