Having trouble laying flames over raw basecoat?



Every once in a while, I will be doing a layout over a raw basecoat (no clearcoated yet), and my finger that actually applies the tape (in my case, my index finger) keeps sticking to the basecoat while I'm doing the layout. This keeps me from doing a nice layout with good 'flow'.

Hard to get a smooth consistent line when my finger keeps sticking.

So what I do it put a small piece of 1/4" tape on the tip of my finger. This helps guide it across the basecoat, thus making it easier to lay flames, graphics, or whatever...



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Have you tried spraying a coat of House of Kolors Shimrin Inter Coat Clear, reduced 1:1 over the base coat before working your graphics. This will also prevent your color bleeding together months down the road. This was recommended to me by several pros.