Good clear coat in a can - not sure which one to go with.


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For time i've been spraying custom small jobs as a hobby, but gave up when I couldnt keep the plastics durable the clear coat would always dint, or become
marked over time.

I was wondering if any of you guys know which type of finish you would go with to say toughen up something simple like a video game control pad.
I got the prep, colour, etc down to a good level its just the final coat where its not looking either shiny enough or even durable enough.
Id even downgrade to a lacquer if it meant it would improve its toughness.
I dont like to use 2K clear koz its very potent and im not even sure if I bought a good quality mask and sprayed a simple job out doors if it would even add more to the shiny effect or the durability/thickness.

At this moment id prefer maybe something simpler and was wondering if any of you guys knew which finish you would go with in a rattle can or any other advice to help out.



I don't use spray cans myself, but I think you may have a problem with any spray can clear since it doesn't need any catalyst. A 2K clear will always be more durable.
I would think though that the more you pay, the better off your are if you do have to use a spray can.
Your cheaper spray can paints and clears will have more thinner or reducer than the paint itself