Getting started painting rockets


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Yes, you read that right: I'm looking at painting the rockets I build. Most of them are smaller and could probably be painted with an airbrush. However, I have some larger projects in the pipeline to paint. The first is a 3 ft. tall, 4 inch diameter rocket. Estimated surface area is around 700 sq. inches. The second is a 3 inch diameter, 4 ft. tall bird. No estimate, yet, on surface area.

I've decided on the Createx Auto Borne and Auto Air colors for painting the larger birds. These first couple of rockets will be just straight painted with decals, no special fades or designs. Later on down the road, I'll look into doing something fancier.

I've bought an Iwata Airgunsa HVLP w/1.3mm nozzle and a diaphragm air regulator to fit on the bottom of the grip. I'm looking for suggestions for an affordable air compressor/drier/hose setup. What else do I need to get to be successful with a decent (not perfect) paint job on these rockets? (3 ft. rule for my definition of decent)


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I don't think it'd take a big compressor at all since the projects are smaller.
Just compare the CFM with the compressor you'd be getting.
Make sure you get one with a tank on it

I would think one you got at Lowes or Home Depot would work find on this.

I'm not familiar with Auto Borne paints so I can't offer advice
I just use your typical basecoat/clearcoat type paints.