Fixing airbrush overspray after clear coat application


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Hi all,
I just finished clear coating a black HD batwing fairing, and in the process found some ugly white overspray from my airbrush artwork. I guess I didnt see the overspray earlier as it sort of blended in to the scuffing of the original clearcoat underneath.
Too excited to see how it was going to turn out...stupid newbie mistake...anyway...
I was thinking about adding 2 more coats of clear to add a little more protection to the artwork, so I was wondering if this would work to fix the overspray:
1. wetsand the new clearcoat with 800 grit sandpaper, just enough to scuff and take the shine off,
2. in the areas that had overspray, airbrush some black over top to hide the white overspray
3. clearcoat the entire fairing again.
Do you folks think that this would work, or am I playing with fire. Any advice would be greatly appreciated because the artwork looks good and I dont want the overspray to detract from it.


That will work, as I'm sure the clear has cured over several days. Just go easy with the black, as basecoat has pretty aggressive solvent in it, that can lift the new-ish clear. Don't do it when it's too cold out, and don't lay it on real wet. You'll be OK.


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Thanks for the advice chopolds, I really appreciate it. I decided to do a test first on an old panel just to get an idea of how the process will work. I have attached a picture of the fairing, the overspray isn't too obvious until you zoom in, especially around the left wing tips and around the head, and between some of the feathers on the right side.
Thanks again,


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I would resand mask up the wings and do not 'dust in' the areas, I would basically repaint most of the black. If you try to nickle and dime the overspray, you'll end up reclearing only to see more that you missed. It's a lot of work but it really should be done.

I would think you could just block tape most of the feathers except on the ends when they start spacing out.

Looks nice though!