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We all know fisheyes can be a pain to deal with.

With this easy tip, this may help you out on smaller fisheyes or even the bigger one's which I call "Grouper Eyes".
This will eliminate the possibility of wetsanding through and having to repaint the part or panel. Even if you get the fisheye out, you could end up with a 'dip' in the paint, which doesn't help matters. If you feel the fisheye is one that you 'might' just go through if you just wetsand it, don’t' waste your time.
Go ahead and wetsand the area with a piece of 1500 grit. Don't try to get the fisheye out, simply sand the area (approx 2" diameter).
Make up a small amount of clear with some hardener (no reducer). Add a little accelerator if you have some. Take a good brush and fill in the fisheye. Make sure it's filled so it's slightly above the main surface. Let the clear dry good.
Then you must use some sort of block to block the 'head' off of the area you just brush touched. A suggestion would be to take a paint paddle and break off about 2-3". Then wrap a piece of 1000 or 1500 around the piece of paint paddle (you will need to cut the piece so it's only the width of the paint paddle piece). I normally wrap this piece around the paint paddle a 2-3 times so it gives it a little cushion

Wetsand the clear that you put on until it's flat with the rest of the surface. Now just wetsand and buff and no one will ever notice.

Sure beats a repaint!!!
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Thanks Brian....sure does save time. I've used the tip quite a bit.


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