First time paint job, questions?


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I'm going to repaint my 2012 FLHX. I have never painted anything of importance before so please bare with me if I seem unknowing. LOL! I've done a lot of on-line research but I still have questions. My questions are mostly about process or procedure. The color I have chosen is made by House of Kolor. To start I've scuffed up the OEM finish and fixed a few imperfections with body filler and then sanded everything to the desired finish again. Using KD3000 I will put 2-3 coats of primer on. Next I want to use the SS01 Silver Sealer to seal everything and to add to the effects of the paint. Then I would spray a couple coats of my base S2-09 and then mix my base S2-09 and FX pack FX62 together HOK0962 and spray 2-3 more coats on. Followed by 3-5 coats of clear USC01. Would this process be correct? I'd also like to paint what I call hidden flames in or under the paint. Would it be better to paint the flames (old hot rod style flames) on top of the sealer coat or on top of the base coat? And would it be better to use a darker version of the base paint color or black to do the flames in?


You should go ahead and lay your base, then you can mask off your flames and paint them. Then you can clearcoat.
Or, you can lay your base, clearcoat, resand, do your flames, then reclear again

You can either lighten or darken the base color you used to do the flames and get the desired effect.
Or you can use another color altogether for the flames.