First time paint help


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Hey everyone, I’m new here to the forum and plan to familiarize myself with the format, I am 17 and just picked up a 1978 camaro with minimal bodywork and rust, I was looking for help with where to start, I’ve never done any serious spraying or bodywork before, there are spots where the previous owner had sanded the car to bare metal, should I fill these then follow with spot primer with a 2k filler, then would I follow with a sealer and a bc/cc. What grit for sanding. Any tips are helpful and I apologize for being so long winded and un educated, thank you.


Your best bet it to go ahead and get those spots primed asap since they are to bare metal
Use a 2K primer. Once your ready to prep, go ahead and do all your sanding either by air or hand
320 is a good grit to finish with. Sometimes we start with 180, then finish with 320.

Prime any bare spots and go back over them with the 2K

Once in the booth, seal it with a nice medium coat, basecoat, then clearcoat.