Finally done!


I just shipped this El Camino out after working on it for a few started out just putting scoops on the hood, then shaved door handles, then shave the tailgate....wound up full paint job, since we're painting anyway....why not detail out the engine compartment......ah...might as well put a new engine in it...oh how about an overdrive trans.....might as well redo the suspension, lower the car.....etc. etc.
Also shaved the parking lights, fuel filler door moved to inside the bed, reworked Choo Choo customs 'glass nose and rear pan (TONS of work to get them to really fit the body!), Gaylord 'glass tonneau cover (more block sanding than I would care to do again in my life!)
From a hood scoop to practically doing a full body off resto-mod on it...glad to finally finish it, and it's on it's way to Atlanta. If any Georgia guys see it, please tell him how good it looks! He was pretty indecisive about the paint colors, type and the graphics I designed! He actually paid a Pro designer to do sketches, but none looked as good as my ideas.'z it look?????goodbye_1.jpgelco_details1.jpgelco_details2.jpgelco_details3.jpg


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Nice work. I like the separation of the two tone with the flame work along the beltline. Makes my shoulder hurt just looking at all that polishing in the engine compartment!