Drop shadows on black?



Im getting ready to spray a tank with black base.` purple fading to green flames and was wondering what color would I use for the drop shadows on the black base. I know shadows are the absense of light so a black shadow would be the proper thing but I dont think it would show up unless I changed the formula to a slightly different black. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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Try a dark grey,but I mean dark.Try adding about 1/4 part by volume of white to some black for a rough start but I'd try a test panel first to see how it looks.You could also take some of the color and add a bunch of black to it,but test it first also.


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This was a 10 year old post.
But to add to shadows over black....
You can just do some overlapping flame licks, then do the shadows only where they overlap\p.
OR, if you want full drop shadows, you can use another color other than black like red, blue, gray.