Devilbiss JGA to HVLP = Problems for me?


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Subject pretty much says it. Just a quick note on my painting background:

I've painted about 35 cars over the years, all with a Devilbiss JGA. Been a while. The last time I painted a car, it was my '56 convertible, in 1999.

So my quesiton is, do I have a danger of lots of problems painting, moving from JGA to a HVLP? (Thinking seriously about purchase of Tekna Copper).

Or do I need to find something to practice on first?

In the meantime, I'm going to read through the painting tips to see what info I can come up with.


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That used to be my gun of choice as well. I'm assuming you are just doing another car for yourself. If so, why not save some $ and just use the JGA.
An HVLP takes a little getting used to, but it's not that bad. Instead of the cup on the bottom, it's on top.


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Yup, doing one for myself.

Good question about using the JGA.

I don't know...just have read how good the Copper lays down metallic and pearls. Given the time since I've painted, even though it was candy and came out very nice, I'm thinking I probably can use all the advantages I can get :)

Of course if the HVLP was much different to spray with that might change the game.

I'll give it some thought. I may want to refresh the JGA of I stay with it.