devilbiss gti 620 g with 1.3 tip vs devilbiss tekna prolite with 1.2 tip


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i am painting stripes and tip tanks on a airplane with jet glow paint by sherwin williams a polyurethane ( like imron ) i was wanting to get opinions on guns i can get a gti 620g for about $400 and it comes with 1.3 1.4 1.5fluid tip and buy a 1.2 tip for it for about $90 so about $500 total or i can get a tecna for $558 with
Tekna 703566 1.2mm/1.3mm/1.4mm Fluid Tip Prolite Spray Gun with 900cc Aluminum Cup and TE10/TE20 Air Caps. i have been told smaller tip finer finish
so what gun would you guys
recommend thanks

john ps

also want to know if there is a more
aggressive rubbing compound than 3m super duty