clear coat interruption


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I completed a second clear coat and didn't get to apply at least two more right away so to complete the process as there is a little orange peel so should I sand this down with 1200 grit wet paper then wash and apply the last coats want then buff it down with a compound. in other words is the clear coats (1-1/2 ) going to be sufficient for durable finish?. (or can just washing the area clean, dry, and then finish with my last 2 coats and then buff down.



If doing a gentle sanding with 1000 or 1200, you shouldn't be removing too much material. I'd put 2-3 more coats on, just so you have enough for color sanding and buffing later.


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You can do a light scuffing and finish clearcoating. You'll need to apply these a little wetter so you'll end up with a smooth surface