Cant walk the panels when spraying candy on a 53 chev pic up truck


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Hi guys I'm spraying candy on a 53 chev pic up now I am familiar with walking the panel when spraying candy but beca9this truck has huge fenders and stuff I find it hard to see how I can walk the panel and paint. So I was wondering if it would be a issue if i sprayed all panels separately but same day and time also spraying it in the same order as walking around the truck???? As long as I'm spraying it the same time I dont really se a problem though. Any1 had any experience with candy on this truck?


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I'd spray the truck together. When I spray a candy job on a car, I normally do my first coat normal. But the second coat I'll do have a panel then go from the middle of that panel to the middle of the next panel. In other words I alternate. Don't go edge to edge everytime as you may end up with dark edges

You CAN spray it apart, but that's risky to do. You have to get the exact same amount of candy on each panel

I know other painters will do it differently though.


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My concern is that if I spray the van together when you get to the edge of the fender that mounts to the body it's going to be hard NOT to end up with a thicker coat around that point and that's gona end up darker


Trucks are super difficult to do in Candy! It can be done, but you have to plan your passes carefully, and your spray technique must be perfect. I might paint the rear fenders separate, but that's only because you wouldn't see a slight difference in color when on the car, due to the mounting angles. Doing the doors, hood, etc separate is asking for trouble.


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That's the plan at the moment, also thinking of doing the front fenders separately aswel , shouldn't notice a slight color difference there aswel