Can I mix and paint with these? If so how


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Here are the pics of the paint & hardener
Novice here. I’m 18 and all prepped up for my first paint job. I was given this gallon of paint and I had this hardener lying around the shop. Could I mix them exactly what the gallon of paint says? I couldn’t find the exact hardener the paint needs because Western Automotive Paint is no longer in business.


Not sure. The paint, is very old technology enamel. Most hardeners for enamels today are formulated for acrylic enamels ( are you sure this is for synthetic?). As you might guess, acrylic is better than the old stuff. Not sure if a hardener for acrylic will work with synthetic. That paint was the super cheap stuff they used to paint at Earl Scheib's for 99$. It dries slowly, more difficult to shoot, and get smooth, and will stay soft for a long time. Hardener will help, but I'd get the right stuff, even if it's not from the same brand. If shooting outside, the slow dry will attract many bugs!