Camelion paint


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I have a 32 Chevy painted with Camelion paint. Changes color depending on the viewing angle. Also has a good bit of gold flake in it. Car was build several years ago, and the paint is blistered in places and not adheared well in others. I have been told that it isn't possible to spot the bad places in well. Is this true?
Thanks, Graham


The Chameleon paint is not like the usual Candy and Pearls. The color effects come from the paint flakes themselves, not the method, of application. or amount of coats. SO, in theory, it should be just as easy to touch up, as regular metallic basecoats. Now, the gold gflakes? Not sure of that, if added to the Chameleon, you'd have to find the same flake, and add the right amount to the mix, to get that part right.