Brush Pain That Can Be Clear Coated?


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Brush Paint That Can Be Clear Coated?

I have a motorcycle that I want to have a friend paint a design on. Here's the catch, I want him to use a brush. Is there any kind of paint that can be applied with a brush that can be cleared over?

I know absolutely nothing about painting, so any information would be awesome!

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You can clear over One-Shot striping (sign) paints and HOK makes striping paint too so if you plan to use their clearcoat I would imagine you'd find the products compatable - their basecoat too. If I were going to do a piece and have someone do artwork on top of it with a brush here's how I'd do it.

First I'd do all the normal prep, get it flat, straight, and sealed. Then I'd shoot my base color and do whatever I was going to do with it. Then I'd shoot a couple coats of an intercoat clear, probably DCB500 or SPI's stuff (but not SG-100, which fails far too often for my tastes). I'd let is set a day or two and then I'd skuff it and give it to my Artist, with the request they try not to handle it more than necessary. I would supply them with the HOK colors they needed/requested in 4oz bottles. They could mix and match as they needed and if they could get it done with a half a dozen colors or so the cost wouldn't be a killer either; I think you can get those small bottles for eight or ten bucks each. After the Artist got done I'd hit it very gently with a water-base degreaser, then I'd clear coat it, using UC-35. I'd shoot 4 coats, each progressively heavier than its predecessor. I'd let it set for two days, sand it with 800 grit to get it dead flat and clean, then I'd flow coat it with two good hefty coats of slightly reduced UC35. Give it another two days to firm up, cut and buff.
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