Are flame jobs dying?

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Had a book " How to Paint Flames " was on eBay for months before someone bought it. It covered everything about flames including styles and history. I had it priced at 8 bucks It was a 20 dollar book . Are flame jobs hardly done anymore ? Why the lack of interest? I thought it was a great book.


I would guess they are not applicable to newer car designs. Old cars still get them, but the current trend to to keep the outside close to stock, instead of with crazy paint jobs. Harleys, of course, always look great with flames>


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They definitely have died down in the past 15 years. I used to do 5-10 a week on motorcycles. Now I do 1-2 a month.
Mostly color matching on motorcycles. I get all the tough jobs no one else wants to do :LOL:
I think what changed everything is that Harley came out with all those custom colors (glamour colors), so owners were happy with this.
Some already had graphics on them.