Anyone have pictures of deep red ghost flames on a black vehicle?


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I'm looking for some examples of deep cherry red ghost flames on a black background. The effect I'm looking for would be something like a Deep Brandywine flame that is semi-transparent. My vehicle (truck) is jet black, and I want to add some flowing flames to the hood, front fenders, and ending in the door panel. At night or dusk the flames would look black, but in sunlight or under hard artificial light the the deep cherry metallic/pearl would pop, maybe the edges pop more than the entire flame.

I went to a show yesterday (Grundy's GoodGuys), and saw some examples of HOK and PPG colors and I was floored. Some seemed to have a mixture of metal flake (very light) with a deep cherry red. My truck's black paint is in great shape, and I know I have to scuff it when I'm ready, but I would probably want to do some sample panels before starting on the truck.

I rea one thread where a painter said you could paint silver (pearl) flames then paint layers of candy, the finish with clear coats. Would the tinted cany change the hue of the black outside the flames? Would it get muddy?

First I'd like to see some examples of red ghost flames on black if there are any. Then I want to hear about the formulation of the paint used if its known, and the painting technique.

Thanks in advance for the help. - Mike

Look forward to getting some feedback! - Mike