airbrush o-ring compatibility



im going to do my first tank,fenders and helmet. i have several paasche and iwata eclipse hp-bcs brushes , that i use for my t shirt airbrushing. will the o-rings in these brushes hold up to automotive paints and thinners?. or do i need to purchase other o-rings for the brushes?i also have 1 hp-c gravity.if i do need special o-rings, where can i get them? i'll be starting this project in the next week or two.thanks in advance for any help. good job on this site!!! nino


If you're going to do a little spraying it won't really matter. I use an Iwata HP-C for
all my airbrushing using auto urethanes.
I never had a teflon o-ring put in and have had no problems after 3 years.
I've also used them with a Paasche VL
and Omni 3000.
Other people may tell you different but I've personally had no problems.
You can purchase the teflon o-rings from coast airbrush.
The link is in the helpful links section.


I agree with dirt. My VLs and all my Iwatas are used daily and as long as you keep them clean you should be fine. The only one I have had a problem with was my Vega 2000. There is an oring behind the head of the brush that is giving me problems. It is also about 5 or 6 years old. Maybe time to retire it anyway.
Make sure you clean the brushes really good because the urethanes will react with some of the tshirt paints in the airbrush and you'll get some spitting problems.