air compressor needed for painting motorcycle fairings


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hey guys and gals i just recently e.t.s. out the military in college for nursing but inbetween semesters gets rather boring use to airbrush back in high school just getting back into it slowly but surely i have some cheap master air brush guns along with a harbor freight air brush gun... they quality is pretty crappy but i can make do for now mfor an early brithday gift my gurlfriend bought me this aeropro 10 piece hvlp spray gun set (67000) comes with three guns operating pressures of 29-50 psi and air consumption 3.5- 7.1 cfm ordered some pretty inexpensive paint from

my question is how big of a compressor will i need and what should i look for
in near future i plan on spraying lots of candy metallic and pearls
currently working on 4 helmets once but probably round october ill be taking my zx10r plastics off and getting them ready PAINT GUN SET.jpg


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Welcome. Better to have too large of compressor, than too small.
Pay attention to the SCFM's of the compressor. But you'll probably need at least a 3 and probably a 5 HP.
I assume you are going to do some prepwork and priming to.

I took a look at that website. Where are they. There is no mention. Are they out of the US?