A little help from my friends - Post your free ads!


Hey guys. I've had a 'forum' for all of you since 2000...of course not this "exact" forum but you'll see some of these posts go back to 2002....
WELL I have a new website started.
Classifieds type website. Pretty involved PHP script.

Anyways, I need everyone that possibly can, please help me get this off the ground. I DO plan on advertising through FB fairly soon.
It's all vehicle related
parts, motorcycles, cars, trucks, wanted, auto related....

It's all FREE. Right now I have all the 'features' for free as well
Posting will always be free. Pictures up to 12 is free.

***You must use Discount Code START100 at checkout to get the FREE "Features" (again, it's free to post your ad though)*****

You will see the total for the ad inc features at $0 once you "APPLY" the Discount ***** This is very important

You can even add a video ) I have one of my Montego on one of the ads


Any help to get it rollin is appreciated (just click on the "sell" on the top of the page to start an account)
eMotofieds front page

eMotofieds FEATURES

More info
More eMotofieds Info

PS: As you can see by some of the prints I have listed on that website, I had that website which was very successful but ended up closing it down.
Sold over 3000 of them around the world. Hoping to get this off the ground soon.
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