1977 AMC pacer.


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not really current. more like a couple days from the owner getting it back, but thought ya'll migh get a kick out of this one. and yes, there is someone that paid someone to do quite a bit of bodywork on a 1977 pacer.
this is"pearl" the day she pulled in my driveway:

and as she sits today( got the front bumper on after the pics):

except for the fenders, all new sheetmetal from the bodyline down, and can ya believe theres no aftermarket body panels for a pacer!?!?! them rear lower corners were fun to bang out for someone that's only has a set of hammers and dollies. bolted a 1/2" thick piece of steel on my bench to do some bangin, different shapes of wood, and had a friend make me a beater bag. I think I may have a little of an idea of what its like to form a motorcycle gas tank after bangin out them rear lower corners.
and this car actually is mechanically sound. now to get the owner talked into upgrading the suspension and a 5.0 under the hood!1


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Very cool! You definitely don't see those anymore.
I'm also working on a pretty rare care (72 Montego GT 429).
Pretty neat to see the older 70's cars that nowdays everone has forgotten about.

And yes I know the feeling about very hard to find parts for that car along with my Montego.


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all buffed up and almost ready to roll down the road. found out the rubber motor mounts are shot so those gota get replaced first.
photo op gave me a reason to cut my lawn,too!:bigokay:
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Nice work, awful looking car! I worked at the local AMC dealer when I was in college, when these were being made. Felt embarrassed when we had to drive them to another dealer! But then again, almost the entire AMC line was pretty poorly designed, Pacer, Hornet, Gremlin. Matador wasn't bad, though.
Thanks again for the info on the new compounds!


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Lookin' sharp!
Brought back memories when my neighbor down the street had one back in the 70's.

Yard looks great to!!! :cheers: