Brand new on here and to painting for most part. I want to rattle can candy my rat bike tank. Bought some Kolor Canz paint, base, intercoat, and 2k clear. I'm sure it isn't the best product on the market but easy enough for me to deal with.

My biggest questions I have are regarding the most efficient/easiest order of operation of base/clear/sand/candy/repeat. I want to do a black candy tank over silver base coat, but then add 2 candy stripes. Red and yellow. I would also like to leave some of the base coat exposed around the red and yellow as a separation from the black.

This will be happening over a longer period of time so there will be times of full curing.

I attached a basic diagram of what the layout would be and what I can gather the order of operation could possibly be, or 100% not be. My biggest questions really are:

1. the best way to mask off the colors as I go and if I need to clear / sand after each color.
2. Is it easiest to do the whole tank base coat / candy black then apply base coat again over the areas of stripes and then paint the candy strip colors?

Any help is appreciated. I've searched and searched but just can't figure this out.