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Thread: 3000 grit on a DA?

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    Default 3000 grit on a DA?

    Anyone use these? Recommendations, instructions? Do they work well? Worth buying...they are pricey?

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    I have used the 3000 grit, but if you don't do every step perfect, they don't work at all.
    You can still end up with previous scratches.

    I like starting with 800 grit (3M purple paper), then 1000 grit dry, 1000 grit wet DA, then a quick 1500 wetsand.
    Then I use a white wool pad to start with.
    It's a weird system but I have it so I can do it quickly and efficient. I have it down packed.
    I can normally have a car ready to buff in about 2.5-3 hours.

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    Aston_refect.jpgNot so unusual, Taz! I had already done the car in 800, then 1000, and 1500, all wet. Just wanted to try the 3000 TriZack and see if it really helps. It did! Made buffing a lot easier. Thanks for the advice.

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    Default 3000 grit on a DA

    Wanted to see if anyone has used both of these, and an opinion on them.I have the grit guard, and it works good, but I don't know if the cleaning fluid wheel and spur that the LC system has works any better.I use a rotary with an extension with the grit guard, and it cleans the pads very well, but I trashed a MF pad at 1500 rpm this way need to use the PC on 3 after blowing it out .Just looking for some input if I should replace my Grit guard with the LC version, if it works that much better.found a thread on pad cleaning from 13 months ago was on the 1st page until this thread and it talked about hand cleaning. _____ XEvil 4.0 + RCModule: NEW best software complex for solving any CAPTCHA's

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