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Thread: Great UK custom paint supplier.

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    Default Great UK custom paint supplier.

    In the Uk,custom paints arent that easily available,so when i find a good supplier,i like to share. Before i go any further though,i must point out i have no connection at all with this company. I buy from them,(but dont receive any discounts),but can recommend them happily.
    The company is;

    I visited their works unit a couple of weeks ago,and was blown away by the selection of painted shape things on display. One of the new paints theyve just introduced is a ready flattened "matte" clear coat,which looks fantastic over paints.
    Their prices are great,fast postal delivery,and so far everything ive bought has been fantastic.
    In the states youve probably got a far greater choice of suppliers,but like mentioned above,the UK isnt really that good for custom supplies. So UK painters,check them out,and if you know any good suppliers of custom paint,how about you telling me!!

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    Thanks for the post. Normally I don't allow these links, but since you are not affiliated with them, I left the post.
    I did move it to the "Helpful Links" section though.

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    I bought their candy paint range and it's a poor substitute for anyone who uses house of Kolor. It remains tacky for way too long.

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