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    How flamable is clear coat in its hardend state?

    There is a person who wants me to paint flames on his exhaust hood above his burners in his mexican eating establishment. The hood is a good 4 1/2 feet above the burners, but what would happen to the paint if he had a fire and it reached the hood? Would it just blister, or burn?

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    Hoss...try a test panel. In fact, to show your 'customer service' [img]/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/yay.gif[/img], tell him you would just like to do a test panel and for him to place it where the actual flames paint job would go, *just to make sure*....of course, you think it will be fine, but you tell him you want to be double sure.
    I would think it would be allright. I guess this depends on what type of clear you would be using. I think most would be allright if it is good quality. I would thin most would stand up to the heat 4 1/2' away.
    I'd hate to do all that work to see it flamed away...

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    The other day i lit a match and held it right up to a practice sheet of metal that was finished. I held it there for a good 5 seconds to see if it would catch on fire, but it didn't, it hardly even went through the clear. I think i'll still do you idea though,

    thanks again


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    one word on its flamability


    hehehe j/k. Clear coat is not flammable. If it gets to hot it will flake off. Go to a junk yard and look at a car that cought fire. The paint is usually fine underneath the soot.

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    10 years and it's still hanging on the hood. this was an industrial mexican kitchen and the hood was 12 feet long and 3-4 feet tall. still looks like the day i painted it. (wish i could do it again though!! i could do way better now!! He He)
    Dirk W. Myers

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