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Thread: Porsche Liguid Metal Chrome Blue, alternative?

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    Default Porsche Liguid Metal Chrome Blue, alternative?

    I have fallen in love with this color..

    When the Porsche 918 came out, this was a 64 000$ option! :S

    Porsche themselves has stated that it's a total of about 12 layers of paint. 1 base, 8 Liquid metal Chrome Blue + 3 layers of clear coat. In order to achive this perticular outcome the metal flakes also has to be lined up, Porsche states that they use magnets to do this.

    However.. The producer, BASF, states that they use super thin (almost see-through are their exact words) Aluminium metal flakes in this paint! Now.. everyone knows that aluminium isn't magnetic.. so it's down to actually putting the paint on in a good manor for lining up the aluminium particles.

    There are also "repair manuals" for this paint that does not seem that difficult or exotic at all, for example:
    The paint itself is only called "E8" which makes it extra hard to find suppliers:

    Now... I'm the kind of guy that always expect things like this to be alot simpler than the initially seem. Most things usually are easier than one might expect :) But my knowledge of paint is... let's say pretty shallow.. :)

    I've seen a project where a paint like this one was used, the PPG liguid metal (which according to the internet is more or less the same as BASF Liguid Metal silver):

    Here it looks like the paint itself contains a good portion of clear, a substantial amount of metallic and only a small portion of actual silver. I've seen quotes of PPG Liquid metal at 200$ a pint, this Volvo Amazon needed 6 coats to get to the finish needed, so buying the Actual correct paint would be expensive! The car I'm planning on painting is an old Audi V8 which is a pretty big car.

    And so to the actual question at hand. If this is actually as I suspect, a "regular" paint that is "thin" (poor actual color coverage) but with more metalic particels (and of an extra fine grade), maybe even mixed out with some pearl and what gives it it's shimmer and metal-look finish is the fact that the paint is very deep and has a lot of metal in it.
    Shouldn't it be possible to get a similar effect using regular paint of "normal" cost?

    Or am I way off in the wilderness here? :)

    Edit: Found the complete color code, it's L3R7! Maybe someone here has acces to see how it's actually mixed?
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