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Thread: Motorcycle helmet strap stud removal / replacement

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    Default Motorcycle helmet strap stud removal / replacement

    Hi all,

    I'm Pato. I'm new to this forum and this is my first post. What a huge wealth of knowledge exists here! But right now, I have a question that I've been Googling for quite a few hours tonight and can't seem to find the answer to, either via Google or in this forum. I've been doing custom paint for a while but I've only recently gotten into doing custom paint jobs on motorcycle helmets. And the small silver studs that hold the straps onto helmets such as the one pictured look so much better when left chrome, than painted over. They're too small (I think) to mask off effectively. So, ideally I'd like to either remove them, and then re-fit them, or just remove them and install new ones when I'm finished the paint job.

    So, a few questions I guess:

    1: Can the originals be reliably removed without having to drill / Dremel them out and then be re-installed, and if so... how?

    Or...2: Or, if the originals can't be removed undamaged and then re-installed where can I source replacements, and what's the process to install them?

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