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Thread: street glide/flat black ghost flames

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    Just pretend you are doing a 'gloss' job. Then instead of gloss clear, you will be spraying clear with flattening agent.
    If you are doing this over a stock H-D paint job, like I mentioned, it is not flat. If it is flat, your bike has been repainted.

    I like using "OneChoice" flattening agent. Be sure and put the lid on as soon as you are done.
    It's made by PPG.

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    Howdy Taz!,
    So sounds like I am confusing flat with matte? ie, the HD Denim is ?? matte?? as apposed to flat?...sooooooo......if I am reading right....matte has a little more shine to it them flat....which is completely flat like a primer ?

    so in the end.....when I do the final clear....I assume I have the choice of flat or matte then , is that correct? and I know I have to test this, but for conversation purposes, wondering if the pearl in a pearl black ghost flame will show through the matte or flat clear in the end.....interesting....

    I'm thinking I'll fine line tape off the hot rod flames, then outline the flames with the black pearl (to make the flames stand out), and possibly a super dark grey pearl on the flame bases and tips....hmmm......should be a fun project....

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    Quote Originally Posted by gtc73 View Post
    So guys? as this project continues to "morph", I'm thinking the best thing for me to do is spray flats on flat. Can anyone advise my on flat paint(s) for airbrush work? brand? website? PhenQ | Phen375 | Phen24

    All of these are equally sustain with the effects

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    Decent need to accomplish something like this with mine

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