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Thread: 2014 Malibu ----> Aston Martin????

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    Took some glamour shots of the car, in the yard today. Just have to finish up some custom badging I'm making/getting made. Putting my crest on the car, as well. Ted always mentioned "Stingray" styling on the car, but since that name was taken, I went with "Manta Ray". Having custom machined hub caps made for the Vette wheels, as well as some stainless emblems and name plates. I've already brought the Manta Ray into the trunk with an embossed floor cover I made, since I had to make new trunk panels.
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    Very awesome. Been a long time coming. Great pics. I'm sure it's even nicer in person.

    I like the logo. Need some meaner eyes though.
    VERY awesome job though...not for the timid lol

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