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Anyone using an air 'supplied' respirator?

Any input on which one's work the best?

Have you seen one that is self contained?
While any supplied air system is going to be better than those crappy disposable masks I would recommend doing a little more research. The air supply units are using an ambient air pump. Unless you put these far away from your woke site then they are kinda useless. You are filtering already contaminated air with a very cheap filter. Best way to do it while it can be expensive but how expensive is your life? is to use compressed air and filter and monitor the compressed air. Have your compressor either be in a separate room from the paint and exhaust of vehicles or have the intake for the compressor come from outside. According to OSHA you need Grade "D" breathing air an in order to get that the air needs to be filtered and constantly monitored. The ambient air pumps to not do this.