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Thread: Basic/beginner airbrush equipment

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    Nice post...
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    Quote Originally Posted by TAZ View Post
    Well, I'm not for sure how 'low' low is, but if you want a very decent airbrush, the Iwata HP-C is a very good airbrush. I believe you can get this for $90-$110. This is a great dual action airbush. Once you get good, and you really want to get some good detail, you can get the more expensive Micron airbrushes.
    You don't want to go too cheap, otherwise you will end up with cheap single action airbrushes. At least the HP-C has great control and is well built to last.

    That's really the only two airbrushes I've owned, so
    I'm sure some of the other members can have some good input for you!!
    To piggyback on what TAZ said, I agree with everything he said, and would add that if you find that you don't want to pursue airbrushing and decide to sell your Iwata, they hold their resale value pretty well, so you could throw it up for sale, and not lose much money when you sell it.

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    Paasche V -good detailer, Paasche VL - good for larger areas. Replacement parts are cheap i.e Nozzles and needles.

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