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Thread: Gas Filler Neck

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    I always use POR-15 for that. I paint halfway up the neck.Then a few days later come back and paint the whole neck with either silver or glossy black POR-15.Just be sure you don't close the tank cap until the POR-15 is fully cured or you won't get it back open.

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    Cap the filler hole with a bathtub plug befor painting. Carefully remove plug after paint is dry, carefull of bridgeing. Clean the area where the paint meets metal with wax and grease remover then use a paintbrush and apply an epoxy primer over the edge. Of course make sure it is invisible when the cap is in place.

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    I've been using epoxy primer to seal the cap area where the paint meets the metal. No problems with peeling. Works for me! [img]graemlins/bigokay.gif[/img]

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    JB weld on the edge of the filler, tuff as nails! work smarter not harder

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    I tape the bung off 1/8 below the edge when I paint and use clear model airplane dope to paint the filler neck. Its clear,fuel resistant, cheap,easy and works!!! Any hobbie shop that carries model airplanes (the gas powered r/c ones)will have it.
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    How would you suggest I do that with a cleanse install a/c cap? I'm recorded to the top of the lip around the cap. Would I eliminate the record before the cc so it goes over the edge?

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    all gas tanks have a filler bung regaurdless of type , year , or manufacturer. i usally tape on the bung right where it meats the actual tank, just barely getting paint on the bung sizzlinghotdeluxe. this works for me and i can't put a number on how many tanks i have painted. if you paint too far on to the bung gas vapors will get under the finish and cause problems.

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