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  8. More disc size and larger pics allowed in the Members Gallery
  9. How-To section (what's currently available)
  10. How-To section (what's currently available)
  11. Added a new 'Skin'
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  19. Brian Dee - Our newest moderator
  20. The forum has been updated--NEW FEATURES!!!
  21. New "How-To" listed!!!!
  22. Another new How-To step by step coming soon!
  23. SHRED "How-To" step by step added
  24. Custom Paint Forum 4.0 coming soon!
  25. New Section!!!!!
  26. version 4.0 is uploaded and installed
  27. Added another new section
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  29. Gold Leafing How To.
  30. More changes and a new style
  31. Got stuff to sell? Check out the new CPF classifieds section
  32. Database load
  33. Updated several of the styles
  34. 2 new How-To step by steps coming
  35. 2 new step by step How-To posts have been added in the "How-To" section
  36. The forum has been updated...once again
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  41. The Custom Paint Forum hacked into
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  44. Updated to 4.1 version. Also changed classifieds link
  45. New How-To step by step coming soon! 2-tone checkered custom paint job.
  46. Itunes App for the Custom Paint Forum
  47. New "Styles" added
  48. How-To #15 added. How to do a graphic paint job
  49. How-To #16 added How to do a 2-tone paint job doing the pinstripes first
  50. New Spray Can section of the forum
  51. Welcome Back Brian Dee
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  54. New forum section - Current Projects
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